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When searching for images, won’t it be great if you could view similar images instead of a wide variety of results? PicsLikeThat is a webapp that optimizes your search results by allowing you to view look-alike images. When you enter a query, a large number of images are displayed with loads of irrelevant content. To search similar images, just double-click any image of your choosing. You can also repeat this process until you find the right image, and once you have it, click to preview the image in Fotolia.

To search, enter your query in the search bar located to the top left of the page. To look at images clearly, use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. You can also drag the page to view images displayed above or below the page.


Use the preview option to enlarge the image in a pop-up. This pop-up offers two options; you can either find similar images, or go to the image website using the Get this picture option.


Selecting similar images refines your search and makes it easier for you to find the right one.


PicsLikeThat is a user-friendly web service with a slick interface that helps you find the prefect image in only a few clicks. Visit the website at the link below, and let us know what you think.

Visit PicsLikeThat

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