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Everyone likes apps that are capable of accomplishing their target tasks without coming up with too many bells and whistles. One might argue that stock iOS apps aren’t too heavy on features, being quite simplistic in their own way. The stock Camera app has been endowed with panorama mode only in iOS 6, but the overall look-and-feel of the app is still rather uncomplicated. There have been a few third-party camera apps around though, that clearly show that there are ways of making the process of capturing photos even simpler. The previously covered TapShot uses gestures to make photo capturing efficient, but the newly released SntapCamera takes the same concept to the n-th degree. The app has no buttons, and works completely with gestures. You can use it for capturing photos & videos, and sharing your media over Facebook, all with a few swipes.

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SntapCamera starts with a screen showing a list of gestures that the app supports. To shoot a photo, just tap the preview screen once. The app starts in viewfinder mode to facilitates users if they want to take pictures quickly. To switch between front and rear cams, double-tap the screen. The app treats the rear cam as the default one, but this can be changed by turning on the ‘To start front camera when starting’ option from the settings menu. This menu can be accessed by swiping across the screen from right to left. The same menu also has another very useful option that enables users to configure the app to automatically capture a photo as soon as SntapCamera is launched.

One refreshingly unique thing about SntapCamera is that it does not focus just on image capturing, but has a gesture-activated video mode as well. To start shooting a video, just long-press the screen. Once recording has begun, as indicated by the numeric counter displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, users are free to let the screen go and concentrate on the actual shooting process. To stop recording, just tap the screen once.

Apart from being a great media capturing tool, SntapCamera is also good for sharing photos on Facebook. A fresh photo can be posted to Facebook manually by swiping from left to right. The settings menu also has an option to let users turn on automatic sharing.

SntapCamera is a universal app, though there isn’t any noticeable difference between the iPhone and iPad versions. The app is available for free and can be downloaded from the following link.

Download SntapCamera For iOS

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