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Mailbox is arguably this year’s most popular third-party email app for iPhone and iPod touch, and it has now finally been optimized for use on the iPad. Feature-wise, things in the latest version i.e. 1.3 remain largely unchanged vis-à-vis the original release in February. This means you are still limited to using Gmail accounts, cannot set separate signatures for separate accounts, and will only have portrait orientation to use the the app in. Let’s check it out in more detail after the jump!
Mailbox for iPad

The main idea behind Mailbox to make your email inbox a to-do list. Emails can be manually sorted and snoozed based on their time-relevance to this evening, tomorrow, this weekend, next week etc. You can swipe rightward to archive emails and mark them as complete – just like you would with tasks in a to-do list app. Other swipe gestures help make email management a breeze.

Of course, the big news is that Mailbox is now optimized for iPad. Every single feature you love (or hate) from the iPhone app has made its way to its bigger brother. The landscape-only user interface essentially combines the drawer, inbox view and email view from the iPhone app into one view, thanks to the greater screen real estate, which makes much more information accessible without having to switch to a different section.

Mailbox for iPad Inbox

Mailbox has become my go-to email app on the iPhone ever since I was invited to test the app back in February. Our readers will have likely gone through my detailed review of Mailbox for iPhone, in which I discuss its greatest strengths and noticeable weaknesses.

Mailbox’s pros and cons carry over to iPad; the app isn’t going to completely replace the mail app on iOS for most people. Think of it as a strong complement to it instead, as it can significantly speed up the usually tedious process of managing email in the modern, hyper-connected world.

Mailbox for iPad Welcome

On certain screens like this one, Mailbox for iPad still feels like a hastily stretched iPhone app

Mailbox was acquired by Dropbox in March, 2013. We saw the first fruits of this partnership when Mailbox dropped the waiting list – at the time having over 300,000 people in line – and allowed anyone and everyone to start using the app immediately. With possible future Dropbox integration, we’ll likely see features like automatic downloading of attachments to your Dropbox folder, and larger and easier file attachments.

Mailbox for iOS is now a universal app that runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. As it has always been, Mailbox is available for free.

Download Mailbox For iOS

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