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With the news of Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr still no more than a few hours old, everyone was a little surprised to see the service’s iOS and web versions getting significant updates. Almost certainly though, the updates don’t have anything to do with the acquisition because the new features don’t deal with any additional Yahoo! integration, and the service keeps getting updates pretty regularly anyway. The focus in both the updates seems to be on enhancing the user experience and offering a better interface. This doesn’t mean, however, that the main Tumblr UI has been overhauled. The changes have mostly occurred in the options that deal with posting new content to Tumblr blogs. On the web, you get a much cleaner ‘compose’ box for text posts, and a photo upload dialog that support drag-and-drop. For iPhone users, the app might appear unchanged at first glance, but when you try to compose a new post, a revamped selection list for post types shows up.

Tumblr for Web

Tumblr Web Post

In the service’s web version, the main UI has not changed a great deal, but the posting options have been freshened up. Hit the ‘Text’ button from the top bar, and you’ll see the new composition screen. Some of the buttons that were previously available on this screen have been taken away, but this makes the view a lot more simplified and easy to use. The compose box is pretty compact, and looks somewhat inspired by Tumblr’s mobile version.

Tumblr Web Photo

When it comes to posting photos to your blog, the upload screen looks quite efficient now. You can post up to ten photos at a time, with support for both drag-and-drop and manual selection. Tumblr displays all the selected photos in a neat grid before you hit the ‘Publish’ button.

If you are still getting the old composing options on your Tumblr account, be patient; the changes are to be rolled out gradually to all users.

Tumblr For iOS

Tumblr iOS Post Type  Tumblr iOS App Attrib

Tumblr’s official iOS app has received a couple of changes, the less eye-catching of the two being the newly added app attribution for posts. This means users can now check the source of a particular post or reblog. This might not be useful for everyone but for people with high-traffic blogs, the new feature can prove to be a big step towards making the Tumblr experience more complete on iOS.

Tumblr iPad

The other change is the new ‘type selection’ list that pops up whenever you hit the compose icon. A lot of people have compared this list to different menus displayed by Path, though the Tumblr list is certainly more colorful.

Tumblr for iOS a free and universal app that you can download from the link provided below. Yahoo! might soon decide to add some features of its own to Tumblr, so watch out for even bigger updates for the blogging network in the near future.

Download Tumblr For iOS

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