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It is a common practice among developers these days to make to-do list apps that rely heavily on gestures and color-coding. Clear kicked off this trend, but more recently we have seen similar concepts implemented in apps like Listacular. Since the whole point of using gestures in a task manager is to make it uncomplicated, these apps aren’t too heavy on features. The new myQuests though, clearly shows that it is possible for an app to be feature-rich without making things too tangled up. The app can prove to be a great tool for project management, specially when you have to work in a group, because it lets users share tasks with others, and has an elaborate commenting system of its own that can be used to stay up to speed with all the latest happenings regarding any to-do list or individual task.

myQuests iOS List  myQuests iOS Quick Add

To let you invite your friends for collaboration on projects, and sync the data over cloud, myQuests requires you to sign up for a new account before you can use the app. The registration can be done using email or Facebook. Once logged in, a list consisting of basic instructions regarding myQuests is shown. To create a new list, tap the arrow icon in the bottom-left corner and choose an appropriate folder from the sidebar. There are two ways of adding tasks to myQuests list. You can go for the more thorough input method by hitting the ‘+’ icon, or add a new entry by quickly swiping downwards from the top of the screen. In this quick mode, users get to enter a task’s name, category (personal, business, etc.), priority level and due date. If you want to associate a specific date or time with a task, quick mode is not for you, since it doesn’t offer that level of detail.

myQuests iOS Task  myQuests iOS Calendar

In the detailed input method, there are a lot of fields that can be used to make sure that each task in a project is defined completely. You can add notes to tasks, set an alarm for them, and invite other people (via email) to view or edit the current list.

myQuests offers plenty of ways to view your lists. The tasks can be viewed by priority, by due date or by category. Collaborative tasks support comments from people with viewing and editing rights. You can give your feedback on a project’s progress with commenting system, or use it to get in touch with other collaborators.

The app’s pro version ($0.99) offers support for multilevel lists, additional themes, and icon packs for categories. Everything else works perfectly in the free version of myQuests. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Give it a go by heading to the following link, and you just might find the task manager you have always been looking for.

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