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YouTube and Amazon have a large number of unnecessary (at least for some) items such as comments, ads, sidebars and other related content, all of which have the potential to become a source of distraction, or simply be annoying for some users. If you prefer a clearer interface and want to avoid all the clutter, then Clea.nr is just what you need. Clea.nr is a website that provides bowserextensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It allows easier navigation on the said services by eliminating the clutter, therefore providing users with quite a basic interface that only consists of the main, worthy items.

Clea.Nr strips YouTube of all such items that can cause a certain level of distraction, including the related videos displayed in the sidebar, comments, ratings, like/dislike, add to and sharing buttons.


Without Clea.Nr

When Clea.Nr is done with a video, the screenshot above gets transformed into what is shown below, containing only a search bar, the video itself and a subscribe button. A link below the video still allows you to view all the hidden content.


Similarly, for Amazon, what you get is a simple, white background, with just the search bar and a drop down menu for categories.

Amazon with Clea.Nr

Clea.Nr extensions are quite useful for those who often find themselves easily distracted on YouTube and Amazon, and can be located at the link below.

Visit Clea.Nr

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