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CoView is a comic reader for Windows that supports numerous hotkeys to navigate through the comics, zoom in/out, open comics file, flip the pages and much more. It supports a number of comics formats, including CBR, CBZ, RAR, ZIP, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, DIB and WMF. If you don’t want to flip the pages yourself, you can set the application to automatic mode which will automatically flip pages after a defined time interval. You can choose between a conventional page-flip view or a scroll-down style continuous view. When you close CoView, it remembers your last opened comic and the page you were on, so you can quickly resume reading.

CoView runs only in full screen mode. When you first start the application, right-click inside the viewer or press F1 to view the full list of hotkeys and F2 to open a new comic file. The view can be changed to fit according to height, width, fit to screen, zoom view, two-page view etc. If you want to navigate through the comics with your mouse, you can use the click-and-drag cursor method, use the scroller, or enable a navigation bar by pressing B on your keyboard. CoView also lets you change the background color of the application from the default black to any color of your choice.

CoView Bar

Other important hotkeys are:

F2 – Open file

Esc – Close application

F8 – Show zoom window

2 – Fit to 100%

6 – Dynamic Visualization

7 – Continuous mode

a – automatic mode

u – Last opened file

q – Minimize application

Although it is very easy to use, CoView has flaws and limitations, the most annoying one being that you cannot run the application in window mode. We hope that developer will include window-view mode in next release.

Download CoView

[via Ghacks]

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