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Want to give your Facebook, Twitter or webcam photos some unique retro effects? SimpleRetro is a nifty webapp that adds some amazing effects to your photos, and lets you quickly share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. There are many photo editing web apps out there, but SimpleRetro brings to the table an additional feature called ‘snap’ that lets you instantly take pictures with your webcam, and add effects to them. You may sign up in a few easy steps, or you can utilize your Facebook or Twitter accounts. More after the break.

The app lets you view the most Popular and Recent photos, Upload from your local file system or use the Snap option to take webcam pictures.


If you go with the upload option, drag & drop functionality for local images becomes available (provided you have a supportive browser). The webcam can also be triggered even from this view, or you can input an image URL to begin with.

SimpleRetro.com - Awesome retro-look photo in seconds!  SimpleRetro

Once the file is uploaded and ready, you will be able to see a number of effects in the right panel, such as Sunny, Daydream, Instant Snapshot and various others.


Click the effect you want to add and your job is done. SimpleRetro offers a variety of filters that you can try out and beautify your photos to near-perfection.


Retro effects are something I’m personally rather fond of, since they make even simple-looking photos stand out immediately. Give SimpleRetro a shot, and drop us a comment to let us know your thoughts.

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