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Despite being arguably the biggest cloud computing service providers out there and intensely used by technology ventures, Amazon’s Cloud Drive app app is not as popular among mass market consumers as services like Dropbox or SkyDrive. Though more and more people have recently taken to using Amazon’s cloud storage, owing to the fact that it offers competitive rates and decent features. One area where the service has been somewhat lagging behind the competition is mobile presence. Admittedly, there is a photo management client available for Android, but the same couldn’t be said for iOS until now. Amazon seems to have realized that they have a considerable number of users on iPhone, and Amazon Cloud Drive Photos has finally hit the App Store. The app is capable of uploading your entire camera roll to the cloud without any prompting. It is also possible to download photos from your account to the device you are using.

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To start off, simply sign in to your Amazon account on the app’s welcome screen. You’ll have to register an Amazon account using your browser if you don’t have one already. Even if you are not an existing user of the Cloud Drive service, you’ll be given 5GB of free storage space immediately upon signing in. From the main Amazon Cloud Drive Photos menu, you can configure the app to automatically begin uploading photos saved in your camera roll to the cloud. These automatic uploads can also be turned off by toggling the ‘Auto-Save’ feature, or opting out from the welcome screen. The bar at the top of the ‘Settings’ screen shows the amount of storage in use.

To manually upload photos to your Cloud Drive account, simply go to the app’s main screen and make your way to the ‘Device’ tab. Images can be uploaded one at a time, or by selecting many of them together once you enter selection mode.

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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is a smart app, and can be configured to upload images only when you are on Wi-Fi. The app also pauses the uploading process if your iPhone gets low on battery. To view the download/upload progress, head to the Settings menu. The management screen can be maximized if you want some additional information about a file. Photos that are already in your Cloud Drive account can be shared via Twitter and email. The image viewer is AirPrint-compatible as well, and comes with a download button.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is a free app, and is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch. The app can come in handy for all active Cloud Drive users, and even people who have run out of storage on other services and are looking for a new place to save photos.

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