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Astrid is a reminder app that has been around for quite a while in Android, so much so that we covered it in detail and you can read that review here. Now that app just got to the next level of usefulness, because Astrid’s iOS app just got released, and with it, you can link the two apps with ease. iOS 5’s Siri is the talk of the town these days, and Astrid’s speak to create a reminder feature is sure to make you recall iPhone 4S’ personal assistant. So with Astrid on your iPhone, you won’t need another reminder and to-do app again.

Astrid for iOSAstrid for iOS Lists

If you don’t have an Astrid account, you can still take a tour of the app and even create reminders, albeit without the ability to sync them with your Astrid profile. So, it is advisable to create an account, which is free, similar to the app itself. You can either use your email address, or connect your Facebook with Astrid. On the homepage, there are lists that are used to store reminders and pending tasks with respect to their categories. If you don’t find a suitable category for your reminder, you can easily create a new one.

Astrid for iOS ProfileAstrid for iOS Speech RemindersAstrid for iOS Reminders

Even a task as simple as making new reminders is fun with Astrid. In addition to the usual text input, you can dictate reminders to the app to by tapping the little microphone icon next to the text field. The Facebook integration of the app is pretty good, too, and you can even create tasks by referencing to your friends. Astrid has everything you can hope to find in a reminder app, and it’s ability to sync lists with its online service makes it a must-have for all iOS users.

Astrid is available for free at the download link.

Download Astrid

[via LifeHacker]

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