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Netflix has been pretty active in the App Store lately, and the service’s iOS client got some decent new features in an update a few days back. On Android, Google Videos is pretty good for watching entire movies on your handheld devices. For the competitors of these giants wish to keep up, having a mobile presence has become essential. Blockbuster On Demand started out as a chain of rental stores for DVDs, but has since evolved to offer a great streaming service, making it more like a mixture of MAX GO and Trulia. The only thing missing from the Blockbuster repertoire was an iOS app, but the company has just rectified this issue by releasing a brand new universal app that lets you rent any movie you want to watch on your iDevice via streaming. It is also possible to use Blockbuster On Demand to manage your account on the service, view free movie trailers and bookmark movies you intend to watch later.

To simply browse through Blockbuster’s movie collection, you don’t need an account, but if you want to rent a movie, signing in is mandatory, obviously. The sign up option is not available in the app, and you have to create a new account from the service’s web version, unless you are an existing Blockbuster user.

The main ‘Movies’ section of Blockbuster On Demand lists the genres that people are most interested in. Using these categories, you can check the availability of different titles. To customize the main page, hit the ‘Menu’ button and select the categories you want to see there. The available options include ‘New Release’, ‘Most Popular’, ‘Genres’, ‘Collections’ and ‘Gangster Movies’. Some of the categories are divided into sub-genres as well.

Another way of customizing the main page is to use filters. Through these filters, it is possible to get results listing movies that have certain age or popularity ratings. Other options include restricting feed results to certain years, or sorting the entries by video quality in case you’re only interested in let’s say, movies available in HD.

If you can’t find the movie you are looking for by browsing through the categories or applying filters, head to the ‘Search’ tab available in Blockbuster On Demand. Search results yield both movies and actor names, so the feature can come in handy even if you have forgotten the name of a movie but know one of the actors.

On a movie’s dedicated page, there is usually some descriptive text related to it, along with a rating from Rotten Tomatoes and details of the cast. The available buttons let users add a movie to their watchlist, view its free trailer, or pay an amount that usually ranges from $2.99 to $4.99 in order to watch the entire movie. The rent value varies depending upon the movie’s release date and popularity.

Blockbuster On Demand is a free app, and people who have been using the service on the web are sure to love it. Even if you are new to Blockbuster, give the app a shot, and you might like the uncomplicated way in which it works. Blockbuster On Demand is perfect for use with both the iPhone and iPad.

Download Blockbuster On Demand For iOS

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