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Decreased Productivity is Google Chromeextension that enhances browsing experience by providing controls for numerous webpage elements. These controls help you define the webpage sections that you want to see and strip all those elements that you want to conceal such as images, animations and other multimedia content. You can change the default font for cloaked images, hide page favicons, change fonts and set the image opacity level for unhovered and hovered images. It also allows you to easily set the colors for the Background, Text, Link and Table Borders. 

Furthermore, you can define whitelist and blacklist to prevent domains from cloaking and allow domains that will always be cloaked, respectively. The Decreased Productivity icon is displayed in the URL bar. It has multiple features that you can set according to your preferences. You can change the default font for cloaked pages and set background, text, link, and table border colors. It lets you hide page icons and replace page titles.

DP Options

There are four basic modes that you can choose from; Paranoid (remove images and multimedia elements), SFW1 (cloak images and remove multimedia elements), SFW2 (cloak images only), and NSFW (show all). The extension strips webpages styles to help you concentrate on only the important sections.


This extension will come particularly useful for those who often find themselves easily distracted by images, sidebars, animations etc.

Install Decreased Productivity For Google Chrome

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