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The Windows Phone 7 community finally got voice calls for Mango a few days back with Mobile VoIP. And now, WNM Live, which is a pretty old and popular WP7 social network app, has added the functionality to make voice calls to your WNM contacts, and that too completely for free.

WNM LiveWNM Live Feed

Before we dive in to the latest feature being offered by WNM Live, let’s just walk you through the app and tell you what it does. In one sentence, this app is pretty much like any other social networking app, with the difference that instead of just connecting you with friends who use the app, WNM Live helps you make new friends based on your current location. Signing up for the app is easy; all you need is your email ID and a new password. The live stream is the place where the activity from your friends is displayed (just like in Facebook’s feed or Twitter’s timeline).

WNM Live NearbyWNM Live Friends

If you just signed up and have no one to connect to, go to the People section and see if there is anyone nearby you would like to connect with. Alternatively, you can search for people by name. But before doing that, it is advisable that you edit your profile to truly reflect how you want to appear in front of others.

If you find a new person, or are already connected with him or her, there are two ways of interacting. You can strike a conversation, which is a simple text-based chat.

WNM Live ConversationWNM Live Call

The second (and infinitely more interesting) option is the newly rolled out voice calling feature. Said feature is restricted by the same Mango limitation that effects MobileVoIP’s voice calls. That is, you can only make voice calls while using a headset.

As the app itself suggests during a call, it is better if both parties are on Wi-Fi during the call for better audio quality. Link to the app’s Web Marketplace page is provided below.

Download WNM Live:

[via WMPowerUser]

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