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Windows Explorer lists down all the tags of selected images in image preview pane, but it is both time consuming and wearisome to manually select each image in order to edit tags. What you probably need is an efficient tag editor to speed up the task. JPhotoTagger is a comprehensive photo tag editing application that lets you effortlessly manage and edit images tags.

The application has the ability to mange and find your images through keywords, descriptions and metadata. It speeds up tag edit tasks by using automatic keyboard text completion. The application writes tags into separate XMP sidecar files without changing the original meta tag information. This makes it work with other graphic applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Dublin Core and Lightroom.

The main interface has Selection Views including Folders, Favorites, Keywords, Timeline, Searches, Photo Albums, Without Metadata and Miscellaneous at the left side. The Thumbnail Window lies in the middle of the interface. You can zoom image thumbnails in and out, sort images by Filenames, File Extensions and Metadata, and rate images. The right side bar holds Metadata View editing section, which contains  EXIF, IPTC, XMP, Edit and Keywords tabs.

Fast Search 'user' - JPhotoTagger

To start editing metadata, select Scan Folders from the File menu. Now, click Choose Folders to select the image folder. If you want to include subfolders in the scanning process, don’t forget to enable the Scan Subfolders option. Once added, click Scan Folders to start the process.

Scan folders and write metadata into the dataase

After the images are scanned, the application opens the main interface where all the scanned images are displayed. Now, select an image to view and filter EXIF, IPTC or XMP metatag information. The Edit tab lets you modify the metadata information including Keywords, Location, Date Taken, Photographer Name, City, Country, Copyright, Credits, Rating, Transmission Reference etc.

Fast Search 'camera' - JPhotoTagger Edit

All in all, JPhotoTagger is a powerful tag editing application. We’ve covered only the salient features and options and might have missed out on many. You can check out the complete feature list on the product page. The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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