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A lot of apps are often labeled as the most comprehensive in their genre, but rarely does one justify the tag more than BatteryDoctorPro. Battery Doctor has been around for Android and iOS for a long time, and BatteryDoctorPro comes from the same developer. There is one main distinction between the two apps though. Unlike Battery Doctor, BatteryDoctorPro has only been released for jailbroken devices. There are some pretty clear reasons for that, since the app incorporates widgets for both NC and SpringBoard. You also get a bunch of toggles to control system actions, just like SBSettings, and there are other similar features that you aren’t likely to ever see in an Apple-approved app.


Before discussing the BatteryDoctorPro app, let us take a look at the widgets that come with it. You don’t have to enable these widgets, as they are added to their respective places automatically. On the SpringBoard or lock screen, the widget can be invoked by tapping the battery icon. The same widget is visible in the Notification Center, but can be turned off from the Notification Center section of the Settings menu. The BatteryDoctorPro widget doesn’t just show system stats and toggles; it also comes with a fully functional task manager. Just like the App Switcher tray, it is possible to kill apps by long-pressing an icon and then hitting the red indicator above it. To kill all apps in one go, tap the RAM usage indicator located in the top-right.

The system toggles offered by BatteryDoctorPro include Wi-Fi, data connection, Bluetooth and 3G. To make things even better, there is a flashlight toggle there as well that can be used to control the camera LED of your device. To clear badges from all app icons, hit the ‘BageClear’ toggle.


To help users optimize their device’s battery life, BatteryDoctorPro comes with a few predefined profiles and even lets you create new ones. These profiles change a lot of settings on your iPhone with a single tap. For example, if you are out and about with no Wi-Fi coverage, there’s no reason to keep your Wi-Fi on, and switching over to mobile data might be a good idea. So, just switch to ‘Outdoor’ before leaving your house, and let BatteryDoctorPro take over.

The ‘Recharge’ screen of BatteryDoctorPro gives you all the information you need about your battery and its charging process. To view a log of your usage history, head to the ‘Records’ section of the app.


Ever wondered how much your iPhone heats up while you are playing a 3D game on it? The System section of BatteryDoctorPro lets you monitor that, along with parameters like cycle values, CPU/RAM usage and storage space consumption.

The Manager section lets you clear the caches of any stock or third-party app, and also has a few other app-specific options. From the Settings menu, users get to configure different system-related alerts and notifications that deal with battery life.

BatteryDoctorPro is a staggeringly thorough app, and we would have gladly paid for the features it brings to the table, but there is no need for that since it is available as a free download from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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