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Do you use Firebug just to read CSS properties of font used on websites? If you often have to find out the font-family, font size and style from webpages, we recommend using Fount instead of Firebug. It’s basically a web application that lets you easily identify Font CSS styles (font family, size and style) applied over selected text. It comes useful in instances where you want to use font styles used on a specific webpage on your own websites. All that is required is to add the Fount-provided button into the bookmark bar. When you want to read font attributes, click its bookmarklet to view the font CSS properties in a tiny semi-transparent window.

Firs off, visit Fount (link provided at the bottom) and drag the Fount button over the bookmark bar.

Fount · Identify any web font you see

Once you’ve bookmarked Fount, visit the website whose font attributes you want to view. Just highlight the text and then click the Fount bookmarklet. It will show the font CSS properties, as shown in screenshot below.


Clicking the Fount bookmarklet again will disable it on the page.  Fount is compatible with all famous web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE8+.

Visit Fount

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