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A couple of my friends have been anxiously awaiting the release of Galaxy S4 ever since Samsung announced the end of April as the ATA for the flagship device’s release. We are sure there are a lot of similar people who are looking for the latest information on their favorite gadgets, games or apps. You can get a general idea of the latest happenings related to any device by going through a few blogs or news sites, but there are easier ways of doing the same. Back in 2011, we covered a web service by the name of Drippler, which is a one-stop-shop for all the reviews and news stories on gadgets. The concept is similar to that of The Register app, albeit just a bit less generic. Drippler has had a presence in the Google Play Store for quite a while, and it has now arrived for iOS as well. Let’s take a look at it after the jump!

Drippler iOS Welcome  Drippler iOS Settings

If you have been using Drippler on the web or your Android phone, it is advisable to link your Facebook account with the iOS app. This helps Drippler display stories that closely match your interests. That said, you can use the app without logging in as well. Initially, Drippler analyzes your device and asks if you like video games, as these basic parameters help the app in configuring your personal feed until it can start learning your preferences. Even if you don’t link Facebook with the app initially, you can always head to the settings menu and do it later. Other options in the same menu let you toggle notifications for daily updates, and show/hide posts related to games.

Drippler iOS Filters  Drippler iOS Feed  Drippler iOS Story

On the app’s main page, you get all the best stories related to different devices from different sources. It is possible to filter the posts displayed in ‘My Drips’, and the app lets you view ‘News & Tips’, ‘Apps’ and ‘Games’ separately. The articles can then be sorted by ‘top’ and ‘recent’. Reviews and other stories available on Drippler can be bookmarked, and you can also publicly like them if your Facebook account is connected with the app. For posts related to apps, there is an ever-present ‘Install’ button at the bottom of the screen that takes you straight to the App Store page of the app.

The search button in Drippler makes sure you can always look for stories discussing your favorite gadgets even if the app’s main stream disappoints you. Overall, Drippler could have been better if it was possible to manually teach it your preferences (like in the web version) but apart from that, everything in the app is pretty decent. You can give it a go by heading to link given below.

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