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Just like your car requires several components to be actively working for seamless operation, similarly the Windows operating system in your PC needs to have various services and processes running in the background to keep it running steadily. Some of these processes and services also continuously alter files and registry items here and there. That means the Windows you’re using right now might not have the same number or location of files or registry items after installation or uninstallation of a certain program. If you’re wondering what has changed during the past few minutes on your PC after a change such as, let’s say, removing a program in order to diagnose some issue, give DiffView a shot. It lets you know about the recent activities in your computer, and any changes made to files and/or registry items.

Sporting a barebones design, DiffView looks quite simple on the surface – and so it is when it comes to its usage, provided you know what you’re doing. The tool lets you scan for recent activities in files and registry items under their own separate tabs. To get started, mark the item(s) you want to scan either under Files or Registry tabs from the tree-view explorer in the left pane. You can manually specify the time to scan changes for, in minutes. So, if you want to find out what happened during let’s say, the last 10 minutes, simply type that under ‘Diff Time (mn)’ box, and then hit ‘Scan files’ or Scan reg’ depending on the type of item(s) you’re opting to scan.


Do remember though that the more items you mark in the list, the more time it will take for the scan process to finish. Furthermore, if you opt for ‘Thorough reg scan’ from the top bar, it would take even more time for the app to complete the analysis. Upon completion of the scan, DiffView displays the relevant results in the right pane, and lets you save the report to a TXT file – which is automatically saved on desktop when you hit Report – for analyzing them at later point of time. Selecting an item from the list presents further information regarding changes in the value, type or data of the registry or files.


Overall, it’s a worthy application for quickly analyzing recent activities that were done at in the background in Windows. It works on all Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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