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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss a new music discovery service from Twitter, an excellent weather app from Yahoo!, a retro console emulator for Windows Phone, and a useful AppleScript for quickly saving snippets of text as notes, among other excellent apps and tips.

Twitter Launches New #Music Discovery Service Powered By Spotify, Rdio And iTunes


Twitter has always wanted to be an online media company. First they launched Vine, now they’ve introduced an interesting new service called Twitter #music: an online music discovery service powered by Twitter’s active userbase of artists, thought leaders, and of course, the people you follow.

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Yahoo! Releases Gorgeous New Weather App With An Elegant UI And Detailed Data


Yahoo!’s new CEO Marissa Meyer is working hard to make Yahoo! and its once-famous array of services relevant again, especially in the highly competitive mobile space. The slick new Yahoo! Weather app with its gorgeous UI and wealth of weather information including detailed daily/weekly forecast, precipitation maps, wind speed and more is good evidence of that.

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How To Enable Two Factor Authentication For Your Email Account

two factor auth options

Microsoft has finally introduced two factor authentication for users. This will significantly beef up your account security, so we strongly recommend you enable it right now!

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How To Make Any App Or Window Stay “Always On Top” In Windows

Window On Top Sample

Sometimes, when you have useful data in an app that you’re regularly referring to while using another software, it makes good sense to have that app and its data always appear on top of other app’s windows. Now, this feature isn’t built into every piece of software on Windows, but that isn’t a problem since you can use a neat little script called Window On Top to enable Always On Top behavior for any app/window with a keyboard shortcut.

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Set A 360 Degree Panorama “Photo Sphere” As A Live Wallpaper On Any Android Device

4  12

Photosphere Live Wallpaper for Android does exactly what its name implies: it turns 360 degree panoramas (made using Android 4.2 or above) into live wallpapers that can pan around based on how you hold your device.

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View Weather, Latest News, Apps & Frequent Sites In A Google Now-Like Layout On Chrome’s New Tab Page

New Tab Page

At first glance, it looked like something straight out of Google’s HQ: “New Tab Page” for Google Chrome brings a Google Now-like look and feel to your new tab page with an attractive voice-activated search bar, most visited websites, news, weather and your apps.

Read More For iPhone Combines Messaging With Great Social File Sharing Features iOS Menu iOS Format iOS Message

Yet another free messaging app for iOS? What can an app possibly do at this point to stand out from the dozens of already established (or slowly dying) services like Viber, WhatsApp, KIK etc.? Well, you can make a private social file sharing network out of it that doesn’t require your friends to sign up to make use of it.

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OpenSignal For iPhone Helps You Find Nearby WiFi Networks & Ranks Cellular Networks By Coverage

OpenSignal iOS Home   OpenSignal iOS Nearby WiFi  OpenSignal iOS Cellular Strength

Network signal apps have previously been limited to Android and jailbroken iOS devices, but OpenSignal changes that by bringing just about the same experience available on the App Store. It helps users see useful information about WiFi networks around them, and also helps decide which wireless cellular company offers the best coverage in their area.

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Save Selected Text To OS X Notes App From Right-Click Menu With This AppleScript


With this AppleScript, you can quickly save any bit of selected text as a note to the Notes app in OS X.

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Get High On Nostalgia With VGBC8: A Game Boy & GB Color Emulator For Windows Phone

VGBC8 WP8 Home  VGBC8 WP8  VGBC8 WP8 Options

Until more big game development companies decide to give due attention to Windows Phone, you can always fill the void with games from the 1990s. VGBC8 is a recently released new app for emulating Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on Windows Phone powered smartphones. There are plenty of high-quality titles, such as the Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros and Pokemon series, which have aged surprisingly well.

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Le Dimmer Dims Everything On Desktop Except Currently Active Window For Enhanced Concentration


This can come real handy for people who find themselves easily distracted by other, currently-open applications: Le Dimmer dims all other windows or apps – as well as the Desktop – except the currently active window.

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Grabby By Ryan Petrich Adds Four Customizable App Grabbers / Shortcuts To The iOS Lock Screen

Grabby iOS Settings  Grabby iOS LS

iOS 5.1’s Camera Grabber added quick access to the camera app from the lockscreen, so the jailbreak community thought, “Why not allow other apps?”, and they delivered soon afterward in form of multiple tweaks, each with its own interpretation of how app grabbers should work. “Grabby” is a similar new tweak that adds four customizable icons for messages, phone, music and the camera.

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Invite Friends To Upload Content To Your Dropbox, Google Drive Or AWS Account With EntourageBox


Services like Jumpshare are great for sharing files with your friends, but what if you want a dedicated folder on Dropbox or Google Drive where all your friends can easily share files with you without first being invited individually? EntourageBox allows you to do exactly that!

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Enable ‘Torch Mode’ Or Manually Adjust Flash Intensity Before Taking Low-Light Photos With PhotoTorch For iPhone

PhotoTorch iOS Settings  PhotoTorch iOS Camera

My solution to the problem of mobile camera flashes washing out photos taken at night is just not to use flash at all, but there’s a more sensible solution available for jailbroken iPhones: PhotoTorch. It allows you to adjust the intensity of your flash before taking a photograph. This way you can get the optimal flash intensity based on the low-light scenario at hand.

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Mix Songs Like A Real DJ With Crossfader for iPhone

Crossfader iOS Home  Crossfader iOS Record

Crossfader eschews standard buttons and UI elements you would expect from DJ apps in favor of actually asking users to tilt and rotate their devices around like an actual DJ.

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