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The choice for a web browser is a bone of contention across all platforms and among a variety of users. Some prefer browsers that are fast, while others go for a convenient interface. No matter which camp you belong to, if you are on iOS, there is no way of avoiding Safari. Even if you use a third-party browser, usually other apps still open links in Safari by default. So getting the most out of Safari is absolutely essential. With iOS 5, the browser has got some enhancements too, not the least of which is tabbed browsing for the iPad version. Now, tabbed browsing is extremely handy and all, but what do you do if you accidentally close a tab while a bunch of them are opened? Join us after the jump to find out.

Recently Closed Tabs Safari iOS 5

You don’t need a tweak to avail the aforementioned feature. This post is all about highlighting a feature in iOS 5 which is easy to miss, but really useful.

All you need to do to restore accidentally closed tabs is to tap and hold the + button in the iPad’s tab menu. When tapped, this button adds a new tab to the opened list, but long pressing it displays a bubble containing all recently closed tabs.

[via Lifehacker]

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