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Do you still jot down recipes in books, or browse different recipe sites every time you want to try something different? Ziplist is a webapp that brings one big recipe box for all your favorite dishes, making cooking and grocery shopping a whole lot easier. In contrast to its competitors, ZipList takes the lead in its well-organized search and cataloguing features. You can organize your grocery list and add recipes to your box, and then sync your list and recipes with your cell phone before running to the store for purchases.

ZipList is free and no sign up is required, as you can log into the service with your social networks (currently supporting Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Google or AOL).


You can search for all kinds of recipes in ZipList, complete with various filters for narrowing down to your query. Filters can be applied to Publishers, Number of Ingredients, Total time, Prep Time, Serves and Publishers Ratings. Each recipe can be shared through either email or on social networks. For generating its recipes, ZipList pulls material from websites like All Recipes, Betty Crocker and various other reputable ones.


You can also create shopping lists and add items before running to the store. With ZipList, you get your shopping lists on your iPhone through their dedicated app, no matter where you are .

shopping list

ZipList also hosts a list of coupons that can be helpful in saving money by offering products at discounted rates.


Apart from offering a web app, ZipList also brings an iOS app to the table, making it even easier to access for millions of iDevice users across the globe. Check it out at the link below and decide for yourself if its worth your time.

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