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When running processes on multiple computers at the same time, it is both time consuming and inefficient to check if it encountered any errors. Computer Monitor is a Java based application that can remotely monitor computers on a network from a single PC. The application lets you set a password for your server to prevent unauthorized access to its screen and you can refresh the screen to view the current status of running apps and processes. It has two components; a Server and Client. You have to run the Server on the PC (server PC) which needs to be monitored from Client PC (secondary PC).

The application may come useful where you have to monitor server processes from different remote locations. In server-member server-client network architecture, Computer Monitor will help you monitor main server’s activities from member servers and clients without having to manually access main server. Sadly it doesn’t allow forwarding connection port to monitor server activity from PCs outside the network, but you can manually forward a port for client console to check the current activity of server. It doesn’t offer a lot of settings and is pretty easy to configure.  To start monitoring, run Server on main server, enter password and click Activate. In the infos field, you will receive an IP. You will need this IP address to monitor the server via client.

Computer Monitor - Server

On your secondary PC (which you will be using to monitor remote PC’s), run Client console, enter the Server IP, Password and click Connect. The main window will display a screenshot of server PC’s screen, which can be refreshed using Refresh button.

server monitor

Computer Monitor is an open source tool that works on both client and server editions of Windows.

Download Computer Monitor

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