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It’s that time of the week again when we round up last week’s most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss an AirDrop-like app for Windows and Mac, a tool that bypasses WiFi tethering restrictions on Android phones without root access, and how to get global autocorrection in Windows, among other excellent apps and tips.

FileDrop Lets You Share Files Between Windows PCs and Macs On The Same Network Through Drag & Drop

Filedrop dra g drop  Filedrop complete

Implemented in a style similar to OS X Lion’s “AirDrop” feature, FileDrop allows you to quickly share files between PCs running Windows or OS X on the same network. Although it is missing a couple of features, we like it because of its cross-platform nature – there are FileDrop apps coming soon to iOS and Android as well!

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View Every Bit Of System Information In One Place With PC Hunter For Windows

PC Hunter

PC Hunter is an overwhelmingly powerful application for Windows XP and above that shows you more information about your system than you can handle. It informs you about currently running processes, network traffic, registry files, startup items, and kernel modules, among dozens of other more technical things – great for when you’re looking for ways to optimize your system’s performance.

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Hotspot Control Enables WiFi Tethering On Your Android Device Without Requiring Root Permissions

Hotspot Control for Android  Hotspot Control for Android Enabled

Android smartphones sold through wireless carriers often have their built-in WiFi tethering / portable hotspot features disabled, but you can get it back with respected Android hacker/developer Chainfire’s new Hotspot Control app. Works even if your smartphone is not rooted!

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Screenink Is A Powerful New Screenshot App With Layered Annotation And Freehand Selection

Screenink selection

If you thought your screenshot app has all the features you’ll ever want, wait till you check out Screenink (Windows and OS X) with its ability to do things like drawing custom shapes, making free-form selections, measuring lengths of and angels between on-screen objects, pick colors and more, all in a Photoshop-like layered editing interface.

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Turn Any Android App Widget Into A Persistent, Floating Panel With Overlays

Overlays 10

Tiny Apps, Floating Browser etc. are dedicated custom widgets that float on top of other apps. Overlay’s developers thought, “Oh, that’s cute!”, and released an app that can turn any widget into a floating app you can use while you’re in other apps.

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Drag And Drop Web Content For Later Viewing With dragdis For Firefox, Chrome And Safari


Similar in concept – but noticeably better in execution – to Evernote’s Web Clipper, dragdis is a new service that allows you to save interesting images, videos, pieces of text and whole websites for viewing them later. It’s better than Evernote’s Web Clipper, because the process of saving items is as simple as dragging and dropping them onto one edge of the browser, and the UI for viewing your items later on is easy on the eyes.

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Cinemagram Brings Its Vine-Like Short GIF/Video Sharing App To Android

Cinemagram for Android 08  Cinemagram for Android 02

You may think Vine by Twitter is the first app to come up with the idea of sharing short video clips, but the fact is Cinemagram did it first. Now, Cinemagram has been launched for Android in the hopes of taking back some of the short video sharing service market that Vine is currently dominating.

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Buzz Launcher For Android Boasts Crowdsourced Themes, Multi-Themed Layouts And More

Buzz Launcher 17  Buzz Launcher 01

Being able to freely theme your Android device is one of the many reasons why Android enthusiasts are so enthusiastic about their mobile platform choice. In addition to other niceties, such as layouts that allow a different theme on each home screen, the new Buzz Launcher’s main feature is theming, and crowd-sourced theming at that, too, so you can freely share your creation with people from all over the world.

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Get Widget-Like Playback Controls For iOS Music App On The Home Screen With MusicWidget


MusicWidget for jailbroken iOS devices cuts down on a few swipes and taps by displaying a widget with previous, play and next controls along with basic track metadata whenever you double tap the Music app icon.

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Force Google Chrome For OS X To Launch In Incognito Mode Every Time


If you often find the need to jump right into private browsing after launching Chrome, this AppleScript script can save you a few clicks. It creates a special app shortcut that launches Chrome directly in Incognito Mode.

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How To Get Autocorrect And Text Expansion Throughout Windows With WordExpander

WordExpander_Library Imported

If you rely on autocorrect for text input on your smartphone and wish to get the same functionality on your Windows PC, you should definitely check out WordExpander. The application supports both word and phrase replacement can be loaded with a dictionary for regular autocorrection as well as libraries for replacement of abbreviations, Medical Transcription and more.

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LightMail Is An Elegant iPhone Mail App With A Unified Attachments View

LightMail iOS Menu  LightMail iOS Attachment Options

Sparrow’s demise on iOS has led to an increased influx of third-party mail apps. Mailbox, Gmail, Mail Pilot and now, a new app called LightMail. It nails the basics: multiple email account support, push notifications, intuitive gestures, and includes a nice option to view all recently received attachments in one place and sort them by type – something I hope other mail clients implement in the near future.

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Experience iOS Status Bar, Notification Center And Banner Alerts On Android With Espier Notifications

Espier Notifications 3  The Week’s Best Apps, Tips Tweaks [04.14.2013]

If you want your Android smartphone to look more like an iPhone, you should install Espier’s group of iOS-mimicking apps: Espier Launcher, Espier Screen Locker, and finally, the new Espier Notifications, which replaces Android’s status bar, notification drawer and notifications with the iOS status bar, notification center and pop-up/banner alerts.

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Quickly Rename Icon, Clear Badge, Clear App Cache & Backup App Data With IconTool For iOS

Icon Tool iOS Settings  Icon Tool iOS Menu  Icon Tool iOS Cache

IconTool for jailbroken iOS devices is a useful tweak that displays options for clearing an app’s cache, backing up its data, etc. when you triple tap an icon in “jiggle mode”. We like it because it combines multiple tweaks into one tweak, while providing quick and easy access.

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