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While browsing, do you, ever, suddenly notice that you have 20 or so tabs open, and you wonder where all those came from? It’s quite natural to have tabs upon tabs opened during a normal browsing session, and sifting through them can become rather frustrating. This is where Dossier, a Google Chrome extension, comes in handy. It lets you organize and group your links into one new tab, enabling you to surf the internet more effectively. Dossier has a pull-down menu displaying all your opened tabs, and you can just choose the tabs and bundle them out of the window. It provides you with neatly-arranged sets of tabs that are far easier to manage than what Chrome natively offers.

Once you’ve installed Dossier, a tiny button is displayed to the right of the URL bar. When you’re unable to manage multiple tabs, just click this button and a menu will open with all your current links. Select the links you want to bundle, and hit Bundle Tabs. You can also set the title of your lists in order to find them quickly.


Dossier will quickly bundle out your selected tabs and display them in a new list. You can close this new tab and access the bundles later from the extension’s menu.

Newlist Tab

The pull-down menu has an option to view your lists, which shall remain saved and accessible even after you’ve restarted Chrome.


This extension is quite useful for those who habitually work with multiple tabs and forget to close unused ones. It provides faster access and management, and can be grabbed at the link provided below.

Install Dossier Extension For Google Chrome

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