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To be taken seriously, a Reddit client for any platform should support accounts. Apart from this, there are a few other features like search, voting and comments that are considered essential constituents by users of the service. Karma for iOS is a good example of a complete Reddit client since it has all these features, and a lot more. However, if you want a Reddit app that offers every single Reddit feature, you might as well open the Reddit website in Mobile Safari. On a phone, it is perfectly alright for most people to have a lightweight client of a service, if it wraps just the vital elements in a neat interface. Upvote is a Reddit client for iOS that is exactly that. The app isn’t capable of doing everything redditers can normally do, but it is more than enough if you are looking for a way to casually browse through your favorite subreddits, vote on posts, and access all the major sections of your personal account.

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You can use Upvote without logging in to your Reddit account, but if you want to provide your own feedback for posts or use account-specific features, logging in is necessary. By default, Upvote shows hottest posts from the ‘Front’ subreddit. You can switch to ‘New’, ‘Controversial’ and ‘Top’ tabs using the button provided in the top bar. To change the subreddit, swipe to the right or hit the icon in the top-left corner. In addition to the search bar, some subreddits are pinned to this section of Upvote to allow easier access. All the posts that you have saved, liked or disliked on Reddit can be viewed in the Upvote section, thanks to the options bar.

Upvote iOS Photo  Upvote iOS Options  Upvote iOS Comments

Upvote is capable of displaying photos, videos and GIFs. While viewing a post, you can vote for it using the buttons provided in the bottom bar. Tap the bubble icon to view the comments section. If you want to remove a post from your feed, hit the arrow icon in the bottom-right and choose the ‘Hide’ option. Other actions available in Upvote include sharing posts over Facebook, saving photos to the device, and copying links of posts to the clipboard.

Upvote is a free app, and comes with a great interface. There is a slight issue though – the app is supposed to load large previews of photos on the main page, but despite repeatedly toggling the ‘Image Previews’ option in the settings section, we were unable to get this feature to work. If this issue doesn’t bother you on your device, Upvote might just be a perfect solution for casual Redditers who own iDevices. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.

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