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In this digital age, safeguarding your sensitive information isn’t something to be neglected, as any breaches can lead to leaking of your account details such as login information for web services, credit card information, bank account details, and so on. If you have documents or other information that you want to securely lock away from prying eyes, Datum Locker may have an answer for you. It’s a free Windows app designed for keeping a record of notes and login details in its integrated folders database called datum. The application is backed by Linearistic Distance Cryptographic (LDC) algorithm engineered by Nulluox – the developer behind Datum Locker – and aids in securely storing your data with a single lock key. This robust method can protect all your details with one password only.

Upon first run, Datum Locker requires entering a custom key. Since this key acts your password, make sure that you use a strong one that includes special characters in addition to alphanumeric ones, making it harder to guess by others. After entering the key, just click the ‘Proceed’ button.

Datum Locker Key Input

Datum Locker has a really simple and minimal interface, making it very easy for anyone to understand and use. To enter a new note or login information for any of your accounts, you must first add a new folder. The application lets you create multiple folders, allowing you to easily organize your information. For instance, you can create an Emails folder and store the login details of all your email accounts in it.

Datum Locker

To add a folder, click ‘Create Folder’ from the left pane and enter a custom name for it in the provided field. Next, choose the type of folder that you want to add i.e. Small Note or Login, and click the Create button. Any folders that you create automatically appear under their appropriate section.

Datum Locker_New Folder

Adding new notes is easy as pie. Datum Locker allows specifying the note title as well as the folder that you want to add the note to. Any description or main text related to the note goes to the main Note Body. Having done that, clicking the minuscule (+) button at the bottom-right instantly stores the specified information.

Datum Locker_New Note

Adding login details also works in a similar fashion. First, click New Login from the left pane and then input the required information in the relevant fields, which consist of web login title, folder, user ID, email, password, URL and additional notes.

Datum Locker_Login

Datum Locker also boasts an auto lock feature, which sends the application to system tray after a user-defined idle time. To access it after that, you will need to re-enter the master password. Should you want to change the default time, you can do so under the Settings section. Along with the Idle Interval, you can also specify Clipboard Prune Interval, which is a great feature to automatically erase sensitive information from the clipboard after the specified time.

Datum Locker_Settings

The application also features a built-in password generator that can aid you in creating new secure passwords for emails, social media accounts, IM services and any other accounts.

Datum Locker_Password Gen

Datum Locker works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

Download Datum Locker

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