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If you search for a good note taking service, you will find that Evernote is what most people recommend, and perhaps rightly so. Evernote is a very powerful and feature rich – so rich that it can be overwhelming for some due to all its note types, tags and all. Though the interface is designed to make sure the service is easy to use and simple to grasp, the fact is that there can be a lot to learn. If you would much rather prefer a simpler note taking service, you can go with Keep – a note taking service from Google, or you can take Writeapp for a spin. It’s as simple a note taking service as you could hope for. You can sort notes into notebooks and manage them easily. The note editor is quite simple and supports plain text with no rich formatting options. Each note is saved with a title and can be edited any time. Notes can be exported, however this feature is in Beta and should be used with caution. The Writeapp service is still in beta and if you sign up now, you can upgrade to a premium account for free.

Sign up for a Writeapp account and create your first note. Enter a title and type in the text box on the right, or paste it from an existing source. The app will strip any pasted text of all its formatting. You can write in full screen mode, and choose to work either in the light or dark theme, based on whichever suits your eyes better considering the lighting around you. Once the note is finished, click Save at the bottom-right.

writeapp notes

To manage notes and create notebooks, click the ‘Manage’ tab at the top. By default, you have one notebook already created for you. Click ‘New Notebook’ to add a new one; you can name it anything you want. Notes must be created directly in a notebook, and you cannot move a note from one book to the other. To create a note in a particular notebook, select the notebook from the ‘Filter by notebook’ drop-down and then click the ‘Write’ tab at the top. The note you create now will be saved to the notebook you selected in the drop-down. If you move your cursor over the right preview pane, you will see a set of buttons for editing and deleting the note, or viewing it in reading mode.

writeapp manage

The Settings tab allows you to manage your password, delete notebooks, export notes (which didn’t work in our testing), and manage your public profile.

writeapp settings

Writeapp is as simple as it can get, but it doesn’t render well at all on mobile browsers. With the lack of smartphone apps, Writeapp is not a comfortable choice for those who will need to use it on a smaller device. It still seems to have a few bugs, but it works fine as a basic online note-taking app if that’s what you’re looking for.

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