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Although a bit controversial, methods to capture photos secretly have always been in high demand. In the past, movies depicted agents and spies using concealed cameras in things like shoes, walking sticks, pens and even coat buttons. Though these days, technology has taken a more practical turn. In the past, we have covered Cydia tweaks like SlyCam for iOS that lets you discretely shoot photos via the Notification Center. An even better option is QuickShoot – the amazing tweak that captures photos every time you double-tap the icon of the stock Camera app. Both these solutions are meant to let you get snap pictures only, and aren’t capable of shooting videos. QuickShoot has recently received an update, which brings exactly this capability to the tweak. Not only does QuickShoot Pro capture videos, but you can also control basic camera settings right from your SpringBoard now.

QuickShoot Pro iOS Camera Settings  QuickShoot Pro iOS Option Settings  QuickShoot Pro iOS Options

The tweak is ready to be used as soon as you install it to your device, but its menu in the Settings app has plenty of options to let you customize just about every aspect of QuickShoot Pro. Using these settings, it is possible to choose the default camera that is used whenever you begin shooting a photo or video. Flash, HDR and anti-blur toggles are available in the ‘Camera Settings’ section as well. If anti-blur is enabled, the image will not be captured unless you keep your device steady for five seconds. The newly added video recording function has a whole menu dedicated to it, in which you can select the quality of the videos captured with the tweak.

To capture a photo without launching the camera, simply tap the app’s icon (or camera grabber on the lock screen) twice. To spice things up a little, QuickShoot changes the appearance of the icon, depending on what you are capturing. For videos, a red dot appears in the middle of the icon, while before shooting a photo, the green focusing frame is displayed.

If you choose to assign a gesture to the QuickShoot Pro ‘Options Window’, you use it to get a control panel right on your SpringBoard that contains toggles for switching the camera, controlling HDR mode and using the flash. It is even possible to configure the time after which this panel disappears automatically.

QuickShoot Pro always works with the Camera app’s icon (unless you disable the tweak from its Settings menu) but in addition to that, you can also enable its gestures for any other app as well. This can be great for users who don’t like the stock Camera app and use an alternative. All these amazing features come at a modest price tag of $0.99. You can download QuickShoot Pro from the BigBoss repo of Cydia.

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