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The notion of iOS widgets for areas other than the Notification Center is still relatively new, and you have to go through a considerable amount of effort to configure widgets for the lock screen or SpringBoard. When you have spent a lot of time installing a widget, you aren’t likely to remove it temporarily every time you don’t have need for it. Won’t it be great, though, if it were possible to view or hide widgets by performing simple gestures? MusicWidget (velox style) is a simple tweak that lets you do just that. With this tweak installed, you can control music playback right from the icon of the iOS stock Music app without having to launch it.


MusicWidget (velox style) is reminiscent of the playback controls that appear in Windows’ taskbar thumbnail previews for certain media players. Whenever you hover over the taskbar icon certain media players, Windows displays playback options below a thumbnail preview of of the application.

With MusicWidget, you just have to double-tap the Music app’s icon, and similar controls should pop up, allowing you to quickly pause/play the current track, skip to the next song in your playlist (something that the recently covered Pluck did not allow) or switch to the previous one. The widget also displays the album art, song name and artist name for the current track. You can’t hold down on the next and previous buttons to forward or rewind the track like you do in the Music app. To dismiss the widget, simply tap the Home button.

The reason the tweak has ‘velox’ in its name is that an upcoming tweak with that name is bringing a collection of similar widgets to jailbroken iDevices pretty soon. The developer of MusicWidget claims to have been working on the tweak before the announcement of velox (expected to arrive in a week), and decided to release this widget without any further development. Despite the sudden release, we have to say that MusicWidget (velox style) works great, and apart from the forward/rewind omission, there’s no way it could have been any better.

MusicWidget (velox style) is a free tweak, and doesn’t ask its users to go through any configuration steps. You won’t see any Settings menu or SpringBoard icon for it. The double-tap gesture works regardless of whether the Music app is in the dock, within a folder or on one of the SpringBoard pages. You’ll find the tweak in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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