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Most of the times, we try to cover Cydia tweaks that offer a completely novel feature, but almost everything the new Icon Tool tweak is designed to perform can be done via other tweaks. There are plenty of ways of removing icon badges from iOS appsbacking up app data using various tools and clearing an app’s cache. With Icon Tool though, you get all these options in one tweak, and the best part is that you don’t have to navigate through complicated menus to perform these tasks either, as Icon Tool adds an easily accessible context menu of sorts to all icons present on your iPhone’s SpringBoard.

Despite the considerable number of features incorporated within the tweak, you don’t have to do much to configure it. There is an Icon Tool menu in the Settings app, but it consists of only one option, which deals with launching the tweak’s icon menu. Be default, the option list can be seen by triple-tapping any app when your SpringBoard is in jiggle mode. From the Icon Tool Settings menu, you can change the three-tap launch gesture to a double-tap one.

Icon Tool iOS Settings  Icon Tool iOS Menu  Icon Tool iOS Cache

The options list displayed by Icon Tool houses the following entries:

Open in iFile: It is never easy trying to find an app’s location in iOS’ file system, so this option can come handy for jailbreakers on numerous occasions.

Rename Icon: This is a feature that can help you ‘WOW’ your friends. Imagine showing off the Facebook or stock Mail app with your name beneath it. The renaming option comes by default for folders but with Icon Tool, you can use it to rename everything that resides on your SpringBoard.

Clear Badge: Just a single tap, and you can make any app’s icon badge vanish!

Clear Caches: A lot of times, some apps just start crashing very often. Clearing their cache can often help you in such situations.

Icon Tool iOS Backup  Icon Tool iOS Restore

Backup & Restore Data: Keep the data of all your important apps backed up via Icon Tool, and even after you reinstall them on your device, the data can be restored using the last button available in the tweak’s menu.

For some reason, there are ‘Delete’ and ‘Launch’ options in the list as well.

Icon Tool costs a dollar, which is a fair price for a tweak with such a rich feature list. The developer behind this project has promised to keep adding more options to Icon List, so the $1 investment certainly seems worth it. Icon Tool is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and works with both iOS 5 and iOS 6.

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