Pinnacle Lets You Hold Back Button In iOS Apps To Go To Main Menu Or Navigation History Share
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Anyone who switches to the iPhone from another smartphone is bound to feel a bit lost due to its minimalistic attitude towards hardware buttons. Even if a mobile device doesn’t have a dedicated shutter button, it is bound to have the essential Home and Back hardware buttons or softkeys. iOS, however, doesn’t roll that way, but that hasn’t stopped developers from coming up with alternative ways of navigating backwards in the OS. For example, tweaks like SwipeBack that make navigating bacwards within an app easier using gestures. Pinnacle is the latest addition to this sub-genre of tweaks. Unlike SwipeBack, Pinnacle isn’t about going back one step in an app. The tweak is actually meant to help you easily return to the main page of any app that might have led you into its sub-menus. The greatest thing about Pinnacle though, it its ability to add a full ‘history’ list to the default back button in any app.

Pinnacle iOS Settings  Pinnacle iOS Menu

Pinnacle has been primarily designed to work with the stock Settings app, but any stock (or even third-party) app that uses menus based on the stock framework. To see Pinnacle in action, you have to enable it first from the menu it adds to the Settings app. Apart from the ‘Enabled’ toggle, the Pinnacle menu also has a ‘Show Menu’ button. If you just want the tweak to take you back to the root menu of an app when you long-press the back button, keep Show Menu off.

The Show Menu option basically adds your navigation history to the back button. For example, if you are exploring the Accessibility options on your iPhone, holding the back button will show you a list of all the menus you have been through to get there. From the history list, you can choose any particular menu to quickly jump to it. The transition is pretty smooth, and there is no visible lag added to the device in the whole process.

Currently, the tweak only allows you to avail one of its options at a time, i.e. you can either hold the back button to quickly return to the main menu or to view navigation history.

Pinnacle is a good tweak to have on your iDevice – one of those that make you feel they should have been a part of iOS. It is available for free in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and does not come with any particular firmware limitations. If you liked SwipeBack, then this tweak might be to your taste as well.

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