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Google, as both a search engine and an email provider is very popular and has users by the millions. It’s safe to say that the Google Search Engine and Gmail will never be taken off the shelves, but for Google services that are less useful for the greater masses, the same cannot be said. If Google Reader’s fate has incited you to look for an alternative for the lesser-used Google Alerts service, then you should give Talkwalker Alerts a shot. The service monitors the web for content containing keywords that you’ve entered. You can set up how frequently the alerts will be sent, what language they should be in, and whether or not the notifications should be in plain text or HTML.

Talkwalker Alerts’ interface is somewhat similar to that of Google Alerts. In order to create an account, you must first create an alert by entering a keyword. You can select what type of alerts you want to receive, i.e. everything that matches your keywords, news, blogs, or discussions. Select a language, how often you want the alerts to be sent and their quality, that is, the best results or all results that match. Enter your email address and create the alert. You will be signed in automatically and an email will be sent to your account with a password and activation link.

Talkwalker Alerts account

Talkwalker Alerts gives you a simple dashboard for managing alerts. You can edit, delete or deactivate an alert at any time and import alerts from Google Alerts from here. To import your Google Alerts, head over to Google Takeout. Alerts created in Talkwalker Alerts can be exported as well.

Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts is very basic; it does what it’s supposed to without any extra bells and whistles. The interface is neat, and easy to manage. The alerts themselves appear to be fine, but it isn’t clear just what algorithm the service uses to monitor generate alerts for the best items.

As all alerts will be delivered to your inbox, it’ll be smart to keep them sorted and your inbox clean by applying a label (Gmail) and moving them to a different folder. If the alerts could be received over RSS, it would be an added advantage. A feature to group alerts into folders to manage them more easily would also be welcome.

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