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Due to their nature of letting us broadcast anything that’s on our mind, Social networks have become one of the many reasons why people end up getting fired. Rights like freedom of speech are often questioned and we debate where the fine line between personal views, public defamation, and personal attacks should be drawn. While the debate rages on, the fact remains that people are still losing jobs because of things they say on social media. FireMe is a little web app that tells you if you’ve said a bit too much on Twitter, and how likely it is to get you fired. It analyses your recent tweets and tells you if any of them might get your fired, should your Twitter account be discovered by your boss or senior management.

FireMe isn’t like spell check; it won’t tell you what mistakes you’re making or give you the opportunity to correct them before it’s too late. It simply scans what you’ve already tweeted to see if anything can get you into trouble. It does not point out your incriminating tweets; rather it shows you on a graphical scale how dangerous your tweets are for your career/continued employment .

Click the ‘Check Yourself’ link at the top and enter your Twitter handle. Wait as the app analyses your tweets and tells you where you stand. The initial review of my tweets revealed I had a 7% chance of being fired, and that I occasionally swear.

fire me

To see just how good the app is, I went on a boss hating Twitter rant and reviewed my account again. The tweets contained one swear word, compared my boss’s working style to that of someone running a sweat shop, and each tweet contained the word ‘Boss’ or ‘Bosses’. My chances of being fired rose to 18%, and the app indicated that I am talking about my boss a bit too much.

fire me bad

At present, FireMe can help you clean up your Twitter act before you switch jobs (or before you start job hunting rather, since the tweets have already been sent out and done the damage). It also gives you an objective view on just how tactfully you complain about your job and whether or not you should do less of it. What most people could use though, is something that analyses a tweet before it is posted. Perhaps a browser extension might do the trick, since switching to the app will be inconvenient. FireMe has a few bugs to work out though; it failed to analyze tweets on quite a few attempts, and often returned an error. The interface is bare and unappealing as well, and could certainly use an overhaul.

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