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It’s that time of the week again when we discuss the most important as well as most popular apps, tips and tweaks that we covered last week. This week’s roundup includes a hands-on review of a brand new service from Google, a new browser plugin for improved tab management, and a powerful new photo editor for Windows 8 / RT, among other things. Check it all out after the jump.

Google Launches Keep: Notes & To-Do List Syncing Service For Web & Android [Hands-On Review]


Last week, Google launched a new service called “Keep”, which allows you to sync notes and to-do lists between your Android smartphone and your desktop. The overall concept is similar to Evernote, but it is way behind in terms of features. We discuss this in detail in our hands-on review. Be sure to check out our post comparing Keep with OneNote, Notes, Simplenote and Evernote as well.

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Launch, Backup And Uninstall Modern UI Apps From Windows 8 Desktop With Windows App Boss

Windows App Boss

If you feel that the process of managing Modern UI apps from the Start Screen is too cumbersome, you should consider checking out Windows App Boss. It allows you to quickly install/uninstall apps, and even take full backups in form of snapshots, so you can revert to the app’s current state later on if you like.

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Intab For Google Chrome Lets You Open Links In Adjustable Sidebar Within Same Tab


Browsers with tabs support have been around for a decade now, but we still haven’t really cracked tab management; order turns into chaos after you open more than a dozen tabs. Intab for Chrome aims to solve one small part of the problem by allowing you to open a link within the same tab. It’s well-crafted and works nicely most of the time.

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Official Reuters App For iPhone & iPad Impresses With A Great UI

Reuters iOS Home

If you want to stay updated on international news under topics like Politics, Business, World, and Technology, you simply cannot go wrong with Reuters’ impressive new app for the iPhone and iPad. It has a lovely user interface, and an interesting new Watchlist feature for following the stock market.

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Intelligent Ringer Dynamically Adjusts Your Android Smartphone’s Ring Volume Based On Ambient Noise

Intelligent Ringer 10  Intelligent Ringer 07

It’s an excellent idea with an equally excellent execution: your phone adjusts its ringer volume based on ambient noise levels to ensure you never miss an important call while you’re at a noisy party, and that you don’t get jolted awake when the phone rings in the middle of the night.

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Popular Aviary Photo Editor Now Available For Windows 8 And RT

Photo Editor by Aviary

Aviary’s Photo Editor is among our favorites on iOS and Android, and now they have launched it on Microsoft’s new operating systems for both desktop and tablet users. The app elegantly balances comprehensive photo-editing features with an easy-to-use user interface.

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Play PSP Games On Your iPhone And iPod touch With PPSSPP Emulator


Playing PlayStation Portable games on a touch-screen only device isn’t convenient at all, but the very idea of being able to play full-fledged PSP games like God of War, Wipeout, Virtua Tennis, Lumines on a smartphone is enough to generate considerable excitement. PPSSPP emulator is a work-in-progress app at the moment, but it is still worth checking out.

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Trovebox Saves Your Facebook, Instagram And Flickr Photos Under One Roof For Safekeeping


Trovebox acts as a bridge between your shared photos on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and online storage services like Dropbox,, Amazon S3, CX and Trovebox itself. This ensures your photos remained backed up while allowing you to see your shared photos from a single app.

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Get ‘Remind Me Later’ Options For iOS Alerts, Mail, Messages And Safari With AnyReminder

AnyReminder iOS LS  AnyReminder iOS Lock Screen Clear All

AnyReminder is a notable new jailbreak tweak for iOS that brings the Phone app’s Remind Me Later feature to other stock apps.

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Create A Personal Dashboard And Sync It Across All Your Windows 8 / RT Devices With Qool

Qool_How To Use

With qool (pronounced as “cool”), you can make your own dashboard/workspace with sticky notes-like “tiles” that can be anything from basic reminders, results of a brainstorming session, etc. in the form of images, videos, audio clips and more. This dashboard can then be synced across all your Windows 8 and RT devices for ubiqutous management.

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