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The translucent box that shows up on your iPhone’s screen every time you change its volume might not be the most important feature of iOS, but the Cydia store already has a few tweaks that focus on this HUD to enhance it. Some tweaks let you add more information to the volume display but if you don’t want to alter it too drastically, there are options like Hud that add album art to the box whenever you are listening to music. Music HUD is a new Cydia release that can be deemed a combination of the two aforementioned tweaks. It doesn’t focus on a single particular feature, though everything it offers is related to music. Thanks to Music HUD, it is possible to control song playback by performing gestures on the HUD, add album art to it and tweak the music info that is displayed.

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Music HUD is a free tweak but after the post-installation respring, you’ll be shown a donation request from the developer. All the configuration has to be done via the menu added to the stock Settings app by Music HUD. Every aspect of the tweak is under the control of the user. You can toggle album art display, as well as the information associated with the current song. It is up to you whether you want to view the song name, artist name, album title or any two of these in the title and subtitle fields. The menu offers two separate sections for these choices.

When it comes to gestures, Music HUD supports just two, which makes sense given the small area that the tweak is aimed at. The first gesture – tapping the HUD once – can mute the music, while perform it again sets the volume back on. Anyone looking for a quick way of changing songs should give Music HUD a try as well, since the other gesture deals with just that; by swiping upward on the HUD, you can skip to the next track in your playlist.

Everything about Music HUD works as advertised, but there we did find a minor issue: the album art displayed in the volume area doesn’t fill up the entire middle part of the HUD, and looks a bit contracted. Apart from this little oversight, the tweak is just about perfect. Give Music HUD a try by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. The tweak is free, does not come with any iOS version limitations.

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