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Services like Pocket and Instapaper have already popularized the concept of bookmarking material on the go in order to read the content later when offline. You can even integrate these services with your iPhone’s web browser if you have a jailbroken device. Webnote, however, is more than just a way of highlighting and bookmarking content for offline reading. This iPad browser lets you use gestures to easily save videos, photos or text to your device, while also providing you with an easy way to share this content with your Facebook and Twitter friends. Webnote is among the most social web browsers we have seen in a long time, and it even lets you follow other users and see the content they have bookmarked.


Since Webnote is all about social sharing, you must create an account with the service to get the most out of it. For easy sharing, you can link your Twitter or Facebook profile with the app, but it is also possible to sign up using an email ID. Once you have registered your account, Webnote comes up with a few basic instructions, and then shows a list of other users that you might enjoy following.

On the surface, Webnote might appear like just any other iOS browser, but the magic is hidden in its sharing features. Despite the app’s social nature, users can keep their privacy under their own control. To bookmark or share a text segment or a media file from a webpage, just double-tap it to bring up a list of options. From here, you can toggle the Facebook and Twitter sharing option on to share the item over these networks, or slide the bar with the toggles disabled to save it privately for later access. You can also use the icon in the top-right corner for adding a text description to the bookmark.

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To access items you have shared or saved in the past, enter the Webnote menu. This menu houses separate sections for private notes, public shares, and shares from people you follow on Webnote. It is also possible to just explore the app and see the content other users of the service are sharing. From the Webnote settings, you can mute the app’s sounds (there are plenty of those), start a private browsing session, or clear the browser’s cache.

Webnote is a pretty simple app built on a cool concept and with a neat design. It might not have enough features to become the only browser you’ll need on your iPad, but there are plenty of pros that can make Webnote a favorite of a lot of users. Give this free app a try if you own an iPad and are on iOS 6.

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