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It is an emotional moment for most people if they lose their text messages, but times are changing and a lot of our important conversations now reside on the cloud, thanks to services like iMessage, Facebook, Skype and the like. However, if you are the kind of person who likes to keep or share mementos and souvenirs from the past, a simple Facebook message might appear to be a bit too casual for the purpose. Keepster is an iPhone app that makes sure you express the right message at just the right time or situation. The app connects with your Facebook account to let you send visually rich greeting greeting cards, time capsules or location-triggered messages to your friends. You can also use Keepster to send a message (or photo) to your future self.

Keepster iOS Home Keepster iOS Settings

Keepster is meant to be used with a Facebook account, and does not support any other service. Launch the app on your iPhone, and sign in using your Facebook ID. To make everything work perfectly, head to the Keepster settings menu to toggle on location services and push notifications.

Keepster can only send messages to other users of the app, so you will have to request your friends to install the app before you can start sending them these messages. To ask any of your contacts to create a ‘Keeper’ for you, use the ‘Requests’ section of the app. This works much like Orkut’s testimonials (if anyone remembers those).

Keepster iOS Type  Keepster iOS Media

There are a few predefined Keeper types in the app. You can create messages that only open at a particular place or time, send greeting cards or share media files with your friends. Depending upon the type of Keeper you select, Keepster lets you attach pictures, audio and videos to the messages. For time capsules, it is possible to define the exact date and time when its recipient will be allowed to open it. As soon as the defined time/place conditions are met, the recipients get a notification informing them that they have a new Keeper waiting for them.

Keepster has a funky interface, and most of its features look to be the fruit of some hard labor. Though the app can still use a lot of improvements. The biggest problem with the app is that if you send a message to a Facebook contact that is not on Keepster, they won’t get any notification – not even a simple request to give Keepster a try.

There is no easy way of inviting your friends to join Keepster either. Another strange thing about the app is its inability to let you use multiple types of attachments within a single message (at least it didn’t work for us). We really want to like Keepster because of its great concept and unique interface, but the app doesn’t do itself many favors due to the aforementioned shortcomings. That said, Keepster is free, and if you want to use it to create time capsules for yourself or some of your friends who do use it, it can’t hurt to give the app a try. Keepster is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch devices, and works only in landscape mode. You can grab it from the iTunes App Store using the link given below.

Download Keepster For iOS

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