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Skype has always been the top VoIP choice for many when it comes to making voice and video calls over WiFi, 3G and the recently introduced LTE. The service has provided an unparalleled medium of communication that enables us to get in touch with friends, family, coworkers and clients no matter where they are. Though that doesn’t make Skype the only player in the game fighting to claim the top VoIP service crown, with apps like Viber and Tango giving it a run for its money on smartphone platforms. Previously, we covered a powerful VoIP app for Android called Vonage Mobile by Vonage, which we found to be one of best VoIP apps out there after Skype. For those unfamiliar with Vonage, it’s one of the top VoIP and SIP service provider in US, Canada and UK. When we first reviewed it, the app only allowed to make voice calls, but today Vonage has updated their app to a new beta version that includes a video call option as well. Let’s take a closer look at this new feature.

Although we have covered all of its features and initial activation method in our previous review, to give you a quick recap, Vonage Mobile prompts you to provide your phone number upon launch and in turn sends an activation code text to it for authentication. Once authenticated, you can easily make calls and send text messages to other Vontage Mobile users, completely free of charge. In addition, you can purchase Vonage credit to make cheap phone calls to those not using the service as well.

As we mentioned above, the flagship feature of this latest update is the new video call option, which is pretty awesome to say the least. Even though it may not be a replacement of Skype right away, or something unique that isn’t available on the former, those who do use Vonage regularly are sure to find it a treat! The app lists all your contacts that have the app installed, and making a video call to any of them is as simple as selecting them from the list and tapping the Video button.

The on screen controls available during the video call session allow you to mute sound, change the volume, put the call on hold, switch between front and back cameras, and end the call. The app did crash a few times during our testing when we tried to commence video calling sessions. Though a few crashes are to be expected in a beta version, and we hope the developers will sort out this issue in the final release.

Vonage Mobile

The new video calling feature has certainly made an already good app even better. Vontage Mobile can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

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