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Tweaks like DefaultSBPage make one wonder why such a brilliantly simple concept has never been implemented by anyone before. At one time or another, many iOS users must have idly wondered why repeatedly hitting the Home button makes the Home screen alternate between Spotlight and your SpringBoard’s first page. To be honest, there isn’t much logic to it. Similarly, if you exit an app, the Springboard page from which the app was launched shows up. What if you want to always see a particular SpringBoard page or Spotlight search area whenever you come to the SpringBoard? This is exactly what DefaultSBPage lets you do. This new Cydia tweak lets users choose the default page of their Home screen. This might not sound too useful at first, but anyone who uses HomeSpringPage or SpringBoard widgets with tweaks like Dashboard X is sure to appreciate DefaultSBPage.

DefaultSBPage Settings  DefaultSBPage Custom Page

DefaultSBPage operates out of the stock Settings app. The tweak’s menu isn’t too complicated, and it shouldn’t take you more than just a few seconds to configure everything. There are two options in the DefaultSBPage menu. The first toggle is to let users enable or disable the tweak, but the real business happens in the ‘Page Settings’ section. The first available option is ‘Spotlight’, followed by Page 1 to 11. To avoid problems and crashing issues, DefaultSBPage treats your SpringBoard’s last page as your choice if a non-existent page is selected.

Once you have chosen a default page, just hit the Home button and the tweak will take you to the selected area, rather than the page from where you launched the Settings app. If you arrive at the SpringBoard through means other than the Home button, for example by unlocking your device or switching it on, DefaultSBPage springs into action nonetheless, displaying the selected page.

The only slight disappointment regarding DefaultSBPage is that rather than going to the default page straight away, it first takes you to the last-viewed page and then slides across to the desired one. Not many people are likely to mind (or even notice) this minor inconvenience, but DefaultSBPage will improve in efficiency overall if the switching process remains invisible, or occurs in the background.

DefaultSBPage fetches for $0.99, which is a price fans of Spotlight or SpringBoard widgets are likely to pay quite happily. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and works with all devices running iOS 5 or above.

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