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It’s that time of the week again when we round up last week’s greatest apps, tips and tweaks; this is the part where you make yourself a nice, warm mug of Chai Latte, get comfortable in your favorite seat and start clicking through to all of these amazing articles you missed during the busy workweek.

The Official Twitter App For Windows 8 And RT


Last week, Twitter finally released their long-awaited app for Windows 8 & RT. To our surprise, the app is surprisingly good. It has the same feature-set as its popular cousin on iOS and Android, in addition to Windows 8 / RT-specific features like Snap View, Live Tiles, Charms Search and Share and more.

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Swap Faces Within Photos & Videos In Real-Time With Yahoo! Face Stealer

Face Stealer iOS Mask List  Face Stealer iOS New Mask  Face Stealer iOS Camera

Yahoo! Japan has come up with a surprisingly entertaining app called “Face Stealer”, which allows you to swap faces with people like Mona Lisa, Albert Einstein, cartoon characters, or just about anyone else as long as you have a clear photo of them in your Camera Roll. What makes Face Stealer so darn good is how it does all this in real-time with your phone’s front-facing camera, and not just in photos but in videos too.

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Change Size & Position Of The Windows 8 Start Screen With ImmersiveTaille


ImmersiveTaille is yet another Start Screen customization tool for Windows 8. Using this open-source app, you can specify the Start Screen to be displayed in Desktop mode in a size and at a position of your choosing.

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HTC One All-In-One Toolkit Offers Bootloader Unlock, Custom Recovery Installation And Root


HTC One is the best flagship Android smartphone of 2013, hands down. It has me considering jumping back to Android, despite being so very deep in the iOS ecosystem. The fact that you can now unlock its bootloader, install a custom recovery and enjoy root access further tips the balance in its favor.

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Quickly Queue Songs In iOS Music App With Cyueue By Saurik

Cyueue music queueing Cydia tweak

His Beardliness, Jay “Saurik” Freeman – popularly known for being the man behind alternative app store Cydia – has developed a new tweak called Cyueue that allows you to queue songs the way you can in iTunes 11. It’s the sort of tweak that makes you go, “Why didn’t Apple include this in iOS in the first place?”

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Repix For iOS Is An Innovative Photo-Editing App With Amazing Filters & Effects

Repix iPad

What? Another photo-editing app for iOS? Don’t we have enough of them already? Well, not yet! With selective filtering, lovely array of brushes, tasteful use of gestures, and an elegant overall user interface, Repix instantly won our approval. It’s also completely free!

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How To Upload Vine Videos Longer Than 6 Seconds

Vine iOS Share Almost Complete

Vine’s six-second limit is there to encourage brevity, but if you have an idea that just cannot be summed up in six seconds or less and you absolutely need to post it on Vine and Vine only, then you can follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to do so. Keep in mind that this isn’t recommended, as your video will eventually be taken down.

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MessageMe Is An Excellent Mobile Messaging App For iOS And Android With Great Sharing Options

MessageMe iOS Chat  MessageMe iOS Send Options  MessageMe iOS Profile

With the likes of WhatsApp, Viber, KIK, Hike etc. dominating the free instant messaging market on smartphones, what’s a new cross-platform messaging app to do for attracting users? MessageMe believes the answer lies in a graceful user interface and powerful sharing options like the ability to share music, voice clips and doodles, in addition to the usual photos, videos and user location.

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Open A Private Tab Within Normal Browsing Window In Mozilla Firefox

Private Tab

Every modern browser today has some sort of private browsing mode where it doesn’t log your activity, but no one allows you to open them in the same window along with your other normal tabs, that is unless you have Mozilla Firefox and you are willing to install the very useful “Private Tab” add-on.

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View Customizable Pop-up Notification Alerts For Any Android App With Notify Me!

Notify Me!  Notify Me! iOS-like alerts for Android

iOS relied on pop-up style notifications for many years before Apple introduced the Android-like Notifications Center in iOS 5. If you somehow happen to like in-your-face pop-up notifications and want them for your Android smartphone, you should check out Notify Me! from the link below.

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ColorBug Is The Best Color Picker For Windows We’ve Come Across So Far


There are plenty of color pickers available for Windows, but no single application is as good in helping web designers and programmers do their job as ColorBug. You can take a temporary screenshot of your area of interest, and then zoom in to the exact pixel whose HEX color value you wish to use in your design. There are various other format options like C++ and RGB, and even a feature that allows you get ready-to-use CSS code for gradients.

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