Nophish For Firefox Allows Users To Detect Block Phishing Websites Share
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Phishing is a criminal technique used to acquire confidential information, such as passwords and credit card information, typically done through fake websites that look or feel like the legitimate ones and coerce the users into entering their details. Nophish a Firefox add-on that blocks phishing by interrupting HTTP requests to send a password to an unknown server, and the user is warned before entering such information, enabling them to detect phishing websites. It basically  uses a whitelist of known URLs and stored passwords to identify phishing attempts, and blocks them.

Whenever a password is transferred to an unknown web page, this counts as a phishing attempt. A popup with a warning is displayed each time a user gives a password to an unknown website. The user can then decide if they want to send data to the said webpage. This decision made by the user is stored for future checks.

Warning Message

Nophish is a fast, efficient and handy add-on that enhances web security, and provides you with a safer browsing experience.

Install Nophish Add-on For Firefox

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