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We have covered a couple of hilarious face-swapping apps for Windows Phone (Funny Faces and Face Swap), and there are plenty of similar apps for iPhone as well, but the new Face Stealer for iOS completely kills the competition. Face Stealer comes with a few predefined masks, much like most apps of this genre, but you can also create masks of your own choice – something that is not possible in the other apps that we’ve seen so far. Another great thing about Face Stealer is its ability to place masks over faces in real-time. Within the app’s viewfinder, you can change masks on the go, adjust their level of intensity, and then share your funny pictures over social media or via email. Oh, and did we mention that Face Stealer works with videos as well?

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The default masks in Face Stealer include a few celebrities, historical personalities, cartoon characters and even an adorable corgi. The list is by no means extensive but that doesn’t really matter, thanks to the ‘Search Masks’ option in the app. Not only can you upload images from the camera roll to use as masks, but the app even allows you to find images using an in-app browser. The image you choose must have only one subject in it, and the face must be clearly visible. If you want to create a mask out of your personal photos, hit the ‘+’ icon in the top-right corner. For best results, users must adjust the loaded image to redefine critical points; to do this, just long-press the dots that appear on the face, and drag them around to encircle the facial frame.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply masks to images that are already in your local library, as Face Stealer is only meant to transform faces using the app’s own camera. The capture mode lets you use both front and rear cameras, while the slider available at the bottom of the screen can be used to change the mask’s opacity. In video mode, it is possible to switch masks without having to stop the recording. One clip cannot exceed 20 seconds, but that is likely enough to create a hilarious video. As mentioned above, you can share your creations with others once finished.

Face Stealer is a free app and works best with iPhone 4S and later models. It is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch, and can be downloaded from the following link.

Download Face Stealer For iOS

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