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It has been a little more than a month since the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak was released, but the compatibility list of Cydia tweak has already become pretty impressive. Almost all big-name tweaks have been updated with iOS 6 support in the past month, with Mail Enhancer Pro becoming the latest to hop onto the iOS 6 bandwagon. A lot of third-party mail apps have been gaining popularity on iOS recently, but tweaks like Mail Enhancer can help keep you sticking to the stock Mail app. With the tweak’s latest update, it has gained a few new options as well, which takes its already impressive feature list to a whole new level. There are now advanced notification management options to complement existing functionality like account highlighting, HTML signatures and defining detailed rules for different scenarios.

Mail Enhancer Pro iOS Sign  Mail Enhancer Pro iOS Filters  Mail Enhancer Pro


As soon as you install Mail Enhancer Pro, your email signatures become HTML capable automatically. However, there is even more to this aspect of the tweak. From the Mail Enhancer Pro menu in the Settings app, it is possible to define different signatures for different scenarios. You can configure separate signatures for composed mails, forwarded ones and your replies.

Message Filter

Enable the filter options if you want the mails to always appear sorted based on their read or flag status.

Account Highlighting

Apple’s combined mailboxes are great, but why not have the best of both worlds by enabling Mail Enhancer’s highlighting option. You can associate any color you want with a particular email account of yours, and messages that belong to it will have a colored bar next to them.

Quick Actions

Gesture control fans rejoice, because the tweak has a whole section dedicated to them. To keep things from getting too complicated, Mail Enhancer Pro just supports two gestures (swipe left and swipe right), and you can configure them to move messages, delete them or change their flag/read status.

Mail Enhancer Pro iOS Rules  Mail Enhancer Pro iOS Rule


Want to use HTML tags to format your email? Just enable the ‘Check for HTML’ option in the tweak’s menu.


Rules make Mail Enhancer Pro truly customizable. Basically, they are meant to let users set up different actions when a new message arrives in their inbox. It is also possible to assign different colors to certain type of mails, to help users determine a message’s nature even before opening it.

Mail Enhancer Pro iOS Notifa  Mail Enhancer Pro iOS Notif Options  Mail Enhancer Pro iOS Scheme


You can customize all aspects of the Mail app itself using the tweak, and the notifications are not forgotten either. You have to use Mail Enhancer rules in order to utilize the Notification Schemes. Thanks to this new feature of the tweak, you can define dedicated ‘Do Not Disturb’ timings just for mails without having to invoke the global Do Not Disturb feature, set up various vibration patterns, and even configure multiple notifications for a single message (useful for important mails).

Existing iOS 5 users can update to Mail Enahcner Pro 2.0 for free but if you are new to the tweak, you’ll need to shell out $4.99 for it. Head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store to grab Mail Enhancer Pro for iOS 6.

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