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Cydia tweaks like WeatherIcon, NowPlaying and TypeStatus demonstrate full potential of the iOS status bar. By default, the bar shows the current time, your battery’s status and an iPhone’s signal strength, but thanks to the customization options available for jailbroken devices, it truly becomes a useful source for all sorts of information. The status bar is visible in most areas of iOS, so anything shown there is sure to come to your attention almost constantly. Suppose you are lost somewhere and just know the general direction you want to head in. Launching a full-featured app like Sygic might not be too practical, especially if you are also using your iDevice as a flashlight at the same time. DirectionBar is a tweak that can help you in such situations; it adds a compass needle to your device’s status bar, which indicates North in real-time and instantly responds to any changes in the orientation of your iPhone.

DirectionBar Welcome  DirectionBar Settings

For such a simple functionality, DirectionBar offers a nice array of options. The needle can be themed quite easily, thanks to the menu added to the Settings app by the tweak. The DirectionBar menu lets you change the look of the compass needle by selecting any of the themes listed in the bottom bar. There are nine themes available by default, but you can get more by heading to the Cydia store and searching for DirectionBar icons. To create an icon yourself, simply design an image in .PNG format with both retina and non-retina versions (this means the size should be 40X40 and 20X20), and place it at the following location in the iOS file system using iFile:

/Library/Application Support/StatusCompass/

After making any change in the DirectionBar menu, you have to respring your device to apply it.


As the developer of DirectionBar has acknowledged in the tweak’s welcome instructions, compass needle is updated in real-time, but is slow to change its orientation when you wake your phone from the lock screen or when the device is moved too violently.

Even if you are not too adventurous and like staying indoors, DirectionBar can be a pretty cool tweak to have on your iPhone, simply as a way to add some extra oomph to the device. It’s not like something so small is going to cause any cosmetic or stability issues. DirectionBar is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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