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We rarely cover iOS themes, but Peekly is anything but just just another Winterboard package. The theme really transforms your iPhone’s lock screen into something completely different, and comes with a touch of usefulness as well. Peekly doesn’t mess with every area of iOS, and sticks to changing just the lock screen. It has weather information, a beautiful clock, and the ability to display your Twitter or RSS feeds. You have to manually do some work to get Peekly up and running on your jailbroken phone, but the level of customization the theme offers makes the effort completely worthwhile.

Peekly is clearly a work in progress, and that is why there is no straightforward way of getting the theme on your device. Here is everything you need to do for the best experience with Peekly.


  • Install OpenSSH on your iDevice.
  • Unless you have iFile, a desktop SSH client is required to get the Peekly package into your phone, while iFile owners can simply use that tool’s Wi-Fi mode.
  • Winterboard
  • Download Peekly


  1. Unzip the Peekly archive you just downloaded. It contains a folder called peekly.theme and another called __MACOSX. We will only be needing the peekly.theme folder.
  2. Make sure your device and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network, and using an SSH client of your choice of iFile, transfer the peekly.theme folder to the following location on your phone:
    If you have never done this before, launch WinSCP (that’s the client we used, but you can use others as well) and login using your phone’s IP address as the hostname, ‘root’ as user and ‘alpine’ as password. Now just look for the above-mentioned path, and paste the peekly.theme folder there.
  3. Once Peekly has been placed at the right location, head to Winterboard on your device.
  4. Go to ‘Select Themes’ and choose the Peekly option.
  5. Respring your device.

Optional Tweaks To Go With Peekly

  • Lockscreen Clock Hide
  • 20 second lockscreen

Peekly iOS Twitter  Peekly iOS Weather  Peekly iOS Forecast

Peekly is a two-page lock screen theme. On the first page, there is just a clock, with a perpetually moving progress bar below the time display. This bar represents the seconds in the clock. Rather annoyingly, Peekly doesn’t disable the stock iOS clock from the lock screen, and it overlaps with the theme’s own time display. This is why it’ll be a good idea to grab the free Lockscreen Clock Hide tweak to sort out the issue. Alternatively, it is possible to disable the theme’s own clock and keep the default one active.

The second page of the theme can be accessed by swiping to the right, and shows the weather of Toronto by default. You can change it to any city you want, but there isn’t a convenient settings menu of the theme to do it easily just yet. To make this change, head to iFile, look for the ‘settings.js’ file and read the instructions provided there. You basically have to search for your city on weather.com and replace the one set in Peekly by default with this value. In the same way, you can customize the two ‘peeks’ available in the extreme left corner of the theme. You can place your Twitter feed, Google Calendar, or any RSS feed in this area.

Another imperfection of Peekly is that even if you are actively using it on your lock screen, the screen will go to sleep after a few seconds. Again, installing another tweak called ‘20 second lockscreen’ can solve this problem.

For now, most people might consider the theme’s installation procedure too hectic, and same goes for making changes to it. Once the package gets released in the Cydia store though, we are sure it will garner a lot of admiration.

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