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Siri to Twitter & Facebook Who doesn’t know about iPhone’s latest game-changer, Siri, by now? The voice-based personal assistant lets you perform a variety of tasks on your iPhone 4S without even having to look at your phone’s screen. But still, the tasks that Siri can perform are limited. You can not, for example, ask Siri to go to your Facebook account and update a status for you. Also, there is no direct way of getting Siri to send your tweets to Twitter, either. But we say directly because there is a workaround for that scenario, using which you can simply dictate your tweets or status messages to iOS’s latest addition.

The method might sound a little obvious to some, but that doesn’t reduce its usefulness in any way. You basically need to set up your Facebook or Twitter account’s status or tweet destination as a separate contact in your phone’s address book. Confused? Here’s what you have to do.


  1. If you have text updates for both social media giants already set up, this shouldn’t be a problem. If not, however, setting text updates is easy.
  2. Send “Hello” to 32665 for Facebook set up, and wait for response. After you have gone through everything you are done.
  3. For Twitter, repeat the same procedure by sending “Start” to 40404.
  4. So, after you have subscribed to SMS updates, go to your contacts list and save 2 new contacts. One by the name of Facebook and the other for Twitter.
  5. Against the FB contact, save 32665, and for Twitter, make it 40404.

Now whenever you want to tweet using Siri, say “Send text to Twitter” followed by your tweet, and a similar procedure applies to Facebook. If the procedure doesn’t work for you, make sure that you used the right short code for your country.

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