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Pinterest is home to a large variety of pictures. From inspirational quotes and crafting projects to cats, babies, food and so on, the website is great for showcasing anything and everything via images. Its large collection not only lets online retailers show off some of their great products, but also lets crafts enthusiasts create quick tutorials. To sum it up, Pinterest can be put to any sort if use you want, provided you can get creative with pictures. Pin My Screen is a Chrome extension for just such a purpose; it lets you capture a screenshot of a web page and pin it to any board, thus creating an online bookmarks repository for your favorite websites on Pinterest.

Pin My Screen adds a Pinterest P button next to the URL bar. You will not have to authorize it to connect with your Pinterest account; just make sure you are signed in to Pinterest in your browser, and it should work.  When you’re browsing a web page that you would like to bookmark or save for later, click the P button and wait for the popup to appear. Select a board to pin the captured image (which can be previewed) to, and click ‘Pin It’. You can also share the pin on Twitter from here.


Once the page has been pinned, you can open it in a new tab, and share it on Twitter (if you didn’t already do so from the previous screen) or Facebook.

Pin My Screen view

We like Pin My Screen because it’s a truly unique take on how an ordinary user can use Pinterest. It adds more utility to the service, and gives you a great visual way to save websites as bookmarks. If nothing else, you can create a collection of your favorite websites (sort them by topic/category) to share with your followers.

Though the concept is great, Pin My Screen is rather slow. The window takes a considerable amount of time to appear; so much time that you might actually think nothing is happening, and it isn’t a one-time occurrence either. Pin My Screen will remember the board you’ve picked when sharing your last pin. Clicking on the pin on Pinterest redirects you to the website’s URL. This extension shouldn’t be mistaken as any sort of screenshot tool; the image it captures is nothing more than a thumbnail. Apart from improving its response time, it might be a good idea to add a selector to the extension so that a part of a webpage can be clipped and saved to your boards instead of the whole page.

Install Pin My Screen From Chrome Web Store

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