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It’s that time of the week again when we round up last week’s greatest apps, tips and tweaks, and this is the part where you make yourself a nice, warm mug of Moroccan tea, get comfortable and prepare yourself to start clicking through to all of these amazing articles you missed during the busy workweek.

Run Windows 8 Modern Apps In Windowed Mode On Desktop With Stardock ModernMix

ModernMix_Modern App

Windows 8’s full-screen “Modern” apps don’t quite work well with large monitors since they waste too much space, but thanks to a new app called ModernMix, you can run these apps in windowed mode so you can easily use multiple Modern apps at once right within the desktop environment.

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Shady Contacts Lets You Hide Sensitive Call Logs And SMS From Stock Android Apps

Shady Contacts for Android 12  Shady Contacts for Android 06  Shady Contacts for Android 04

If you happen to have friends or family members who regularly play around with your Android smartphone, and if you have certain contacts you don’t want them to see, then Shady Contacts is what you’re looking for. It acts as a hybrid, secure phone / messaging app that you can use for stealthily contacting people without leaving any traces in your stock Phone and Messages apps.

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Reset Your Forgotten Windows Login Password The Easy Way With Lazesoft’s Recover My Password


For folks who have forgotten their Windows password, we recommend checking out Recover My Password. With it, you create a bootable image, copy it to a DVD or flash drive, restart your PC with it and then let the software do its work. After sometime, you’ll be able to reset your password and log in to your computer. It’s the easiest password reset method we’ve come across so far!

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Browse 500px And Set Photos As Lock Screen Wallpapers On Windows Phone 8 With Shoopix

Shoopix WP  Shoopix WP Details  Shoopix WP Settings

With no first-party apps from Instagram and 500px, Windows Phone users have to rely on third-party developers to offer native apps to use such services. Shoopix is one such app that allows you to view and download photos hosted on 500px, and – thanks to Windows Phone 8’s lovely, dynamic lock screen feature – set them as your lock screen wallpaper.

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Official 9GAG App Now Available For Android


After Reddit and StumbleUpon, 9GAG is the most popular social, entertainment website in the world. They recently released an app for iOS, and now they’ve ported it over to Android. It’s not as powerful as some of its third-party alternatives, but it’s great if all you do on 9GAG is scroll through the day’s top submissions.

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Opera Releases New Browser Beta With Redesigned UI, WebKit Rendering Engine And Other New Features


Opera Browser Beta was released earlier this week, just under a month after the company’s announcement of their decision to move to a WebKit-based rendering engine. In our hands-on look at it, we discuss its lovely new UI, smooth performance and other useful new features.

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Remove Facebook Suggested Pages And Posts In Firefox With This Add-On


To keep you engaged, Facebook often pushes suggested pages and posts to your News Feed. I tend to find them useful, but if you have the opposite opinion and you use Mozilla Firefox, then you should check out the “Remove Facebook Suggested Pages and Posts” add-on.

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Turn Your Android Device Into A Live Linux Distro USB Of Sorts With DriveDroid

DriveDroid 2  DriveDroid 1

Live USBs? They’re so ten years ago. Live Smartphones? Now that’s something new! With DriveDroid, you can download images of popular Linux distributions directly to your Android smartphone, which you can then connect to a PC to boot into them. An additional blank USB option in the app even allows you to copy and use Windows installer images in the same manner. Apps like these are the reason why Android enthusiasts are so passionate about their platform choice.

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Sync Photo Albums Between Facebook And Your PC With Drop N Sync

Drop N Sync_Folder

Facebook hardly offers the most powerful photo sharing experience, but there’s no doubt that it’s the world’s most popular service for doing so. With Drop N Sync, you can share photos on Facebook like you would use Dropbox. Just put your photos in a folder, and Drop N Sync will upload them as an album on Facebook. Conversely, it can download your currently uploaded albums to your PC to keep everything in sync.

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How To See All Notifications On Your Android Lock Screen

Lock Screen Notifications Widget 4  Lock Screen Notifications Widget for 2

With Notification LockScreen Widget for Android, you can see all entries in your notifications drawer on your lock screen, in case you don’t like the idea of unlocking your phone to see the latest notifications. The widget is optimized for Android 4.2 but works on earlier versions as well.

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Read Free, Animated Graphic Novels On Your Android Device Or iPad With NARR8

NARR8 11

If you have any belief in comics as being a good story-telling medium, you should definitely check out NARR8 for Android devices and the iPad. It comes with an excellent collection of free, animated and interactive graphic novels that are quite fun to read.

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Send Photos & Videos Directly From iOS Keyboard With QuickPhoto

QuickPhoto-iOS-Cydia-keyboard-tweak  QuickPhoto-iPhone

Jailbreak tweak “QuickPhoto” improves the process of sharing photos in popular messaging apps by reducing the number of steps involved from five to just two. It’s one of the those small UI tweaks that you feel Apple should have included in iOS long ago.

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Assign Custom Vibrations To Specific Contacts With Vybe For Android

Vybe - Custom Vibrations 03  Vybe - Custom Vibrations 07

With custom vibrations for specific contacts, you can identify the person calling or texting you without having to take out your phone from your pocket, even while it is silent. Vybe For Android allows you to quickly create custom vibrations and assign them to different contacts. We came across some usability issues with it, but the developer has promised to rectify them in upcoming updates.

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Get Detailed Information About Your Carrier’s Cellular Coverage On Your iPhone With Signal 2

Signal 2 iOS  Signal 2 iOS Current Cell  Signal 2 iOS Neigboring Cell

Developed by respected iOS hacker and jailbreak developer planetbeing, Signal 2 for jailbroken iOS devices shows you detailed information about your nearest cellular tower. If you are dissatisfied with the signal strength indicator in your status bar, and know your telecom engineering terms, you should give this app a go.

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