Tab Position Customizer Lets You Personalize Tab Behavior In Chrome Share
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Tab Position Customizer, a GoogleChrome extension, lets you personalize the behaviour of tabs so you can work more efficiently. By default, Chrome opens new tabs to the right of the current tab, while staying on the current webpage. This extension changes this default setting by offering you with different tab opening and activating options, such as first, last, right and left of the current tab.

Tab Position Customizer also allows you to activate the first, last, right and left tabs after closing the current one. Furthermore, you can select to open a new tab that is either activated or inactivated, depending upon your preference. The Miscellaneous option lets you open a pop-up window in a new tab.

Tab Position Customizer Lets You Personalize Tab Behavior In Chrome

This extension is quite useful for those who sift through multiple tabs and want to customize how they operate. It provided faster access and management, and can be grabbed at the link provided below.

Install Tab Position Customizer For Chrome

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