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If you have ever tried to read a lengthy article (like Haroon’s extremely detailed analysis of Ubuntu Touch Preview) on your iPhone, you are sure to have realized the usefulness of Mobile Safari’s ‘Reader’ view. However, you have to wait for the Reader button to show up by itself, as there is no way of invoking the mode at will. Readr is a new Cydia tweak that adds the Reader option to the sharing menu of Safari. And if you aren’t satisfied with Safari’s own Reading List, the tweak also lets you associate your Pocket, Instapaper or Readability account with the browser so that you can add any post to these services without requiring a third-party app. The fact that it works with Chrome for iOS as well makes Readr absolutely perfect at what it does.

Readr iOS Settings  Readr iOS Options

There are two basic options that Readr adds to your web browser. ‘Read Now’ creates a simplified version of the webpage, while ‘Read Later’ lets you associate your favorite bookmarking app with Safari. There are no configuration steps for Read Now, but you have to select the service you want to use for Read Later. Only one of these service can be added to the tweak’s list. To sign in, tap the ‘Options’ button below ‘Service’ and select the appropriate service from the menu that appears. You will have to enter you credentials and then grant the tweak access to the service. To change this linked account, the only option is to sign out and go through the entire configuration procedure again.

Readr iOS Sharing  Readr iOS ReadNow  Readr iOS ReadLater

There is no need to respring your device after setting up Readr; just go to Safari or Chrome, and the new options will be waiting for you. In Safari, the Read Now and Read Later buttons are added to the sharing menu, while in Chrome, they can be found in the menu that pops up whenever long-pressing a link. For Read Later, Readr displays a banner every time an item is successfully added to your bookmarks queue of the linked service.

Readr iOS Chrome  Readr iOS Chrome Read Now

Readr costs $1.99, which might be a little steep for some people’s liking. However, if you are a frequent user of Pocket, Instapaper or Readability, the tweak is definitely worth the price. You can grab Readr by heading to the BigBoss repo of Cydia store, but only if your device is on iOS 6, since the tweak is not compatible with older versions of iOS.

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